Daniel Reilly

I'm a founder and developer from Glasgow.


Founder and Developer from Glasgow, Scotland.

I started working as a developer in February 2012 after a brief but useful time in Strathclyde University and in the period since, have had the privilege of meeting and offering my help to a wide range of developers, start-ups, and small businesses.

The last few years have taken me as far afield as San Francisco where I visited a few Silicon Valley companies for meetings and attended Google I/O 2012.

Recently I have been working on a new start-up that I am building and their flagship project; Fuse:Ignite. This will utilise new Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacon technology along with a wide range of mobile functions to make the process of connecting at events easier.

I enjoy using a wide range of methods and tools to create and am always open to new ways of optimising my workflow and advancing my technology stack. If you have something new and exciting to show me, please contact me! If it's something you built. I'd love to give you my feedback on it.

If you would like to set up a meeting with me, send me an email at daniel@fuseignite.co and we can arrange a date, time and place.



I am currently working on a networking solution for local-networking events and conferences with my company: Fuse Technology. This project looks to change the way that people connect at physical networking events by allowing them to find and connect to the most relevant people to them at the events that they attend.


I'm very active on Twitter and LinkedIn. In the coming months I plan on writing a blog explaining some of my methods in more detail, hopefully learning a lot as I go along. Always keen to hear of hackathons or developer meet-ups around me.

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